I grew up in southern Maine, constantly exposed to all that the mountains and the coast had to offer. I discovered snowboarding at age 10 and it changed me forever. After graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, I moved to tahoe where I could finally stretch my legs and ride with friends. Soon I  began to travel the world as a professional snowboarder. Along the way, I gradually became fascinated with filming and photography.

Even when I was meant to be the one in front of the lens, I was always asking questions and bouncing ideas back and forth with the imaging professionals who were attempting to document me. Once I made the leap and bought my first DSLR camera I never looked back.  

I enjoy photographing everything that I love to do including snowboarding, surfing, hiking, camping really anything outside or with friends. I am always searching for my next adventure and attempting to find unique ways to capture and share it.

Currently, I am working as a freelance photographer, professional athlete, cinematographer, lead engineer, writer and as an athlete in snowboarding. I also have experience in marketing and as an athlete/team manager.

WWM Productions

Photo: Randy Williams

portrait of Will Mayo by Rami Hanafi in Iceland
Photo of Will Mayo Snowboardin, by Randy Williams

Photo: Randy Williams

photo of Will Mayo, holding surf board by Randy Williams
Will Mayo
Will Mayo Self Portrait